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If You Want To Meet The Ladies, Give Them What They Want

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Written by: Lance Metzger

Mar 21, 2008

Dating in any environment is tough. You might feel that dating online is much simpler, and you may be right. But there are some clear don'ts that you will want to take into account to get and maintain the attention of your female counterpart.

While this list is by no means complete, it is a good start.

Keep It In Your Pants

Let's be honest. As men, our goal of a NSA encounter is often sex. As you are cruising the dating website, chances are really good that you are contemplating your level of physical attraction towards the women whose profiles you are viewing.

But many men make the mistake of assuming that the ladies are dying to see his penis. They might be, but they do not want to see it in your first contact.

The truth is that guys are turned on by any nudie pictures they can find on a website, well, most men are frequently turned on at the drop of a pic or a hat. It kind of makes them all warm and fuzzy down there.

But, the ladies are a little different.

If she says in her profile that she wants to see a pic of your nether regions, then by all means, give her what she wants.

If she does not say anything in her profile about it, then you had better not send it, even if her nude pics are on her profile (more about this in a minute).

It's An Ego Thing

Yeah, yeah, I know. You think that just because she did not say it aloud, that she actually does want to see your penis. But that is your ego talking, not that logic part of your mind.

The truth is, women might want to see your penis, but they would prefer seeing it in person. They do not want it mailed to them, ever, unless they specifically ask for it.

While you are dying to see her nudie pics, she most likely does not feel the same way about you.

It's More Accurately A Guy Thing

Ask 100 women their opinion's, and 90 of them will tell you that they don't get off on your nude pics.

Have you ever wondered why women read Penthouse Forums, instead of buying Hustler to look at the pictures?

That is because women are more imaginative than us guys. They do not need to see the physical act to get them excited. They would rather follow a story and imagine a romantic encounter.

Here Is The Truth Of The Matter

If you absolutely need to be able to send your nude pics to someone on first contact, send it to a guy. At least he will appreciate it, if he likes other guys.

Women would like to think that there is potentially something more to any relationship than a roll in the hay. They want to feel as if they mean more to you than a warm, wet hole.

That is why you can view a female profile, on any website, and the profile might indicate that she is married, and yet, she is not looking for a one night stand. Often, she is looking for someone to make her feel the things that she is not getting at home with her hubby.

Even if she is not looking for something serious, most often, her profile will suggest that she is looking for someone for regular get-togethers.

In Conclusion

Learn from her profile the right thing to do.

Women tend to give men exactly what they want to get their attention. That means that in many cases, she is going to give you an erotic picture, perhaps even a nude picture of herself.

So, if you want to be successful with the ladies online, give them what they want from you. Or more specifically, don't give them what they don't want. Don't send them pictures of your penis, until they specifically and directly ask for them.

Good luck guys.

Lance Metzger writes about relationships, offline and online dating.
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